Meet Schelly Hollyday


With over 30 years of experience in the Senior Living industry with a focus on hospitality, Schelley has held senior leadership positions with two national senior services management companies.

As a graduate of the Hotel School at Cornell University, Schelley has taken her passion
for customer service and hospitality to the Senior Living Industry.

During her career, Schelley has worked with over 300 Senior Living communities. She is
a recognized speaker, including LeadingAge and university lectures and continues to conduct extensive research identifying best practices and hospitality trends.

Schelley enjoys… spending time with her family, especially cooking! She is an avid golfer and sports car enthusiast. She resides in Avalon, NJ.

Meet Shawn Kaley

Senior Culinary & Hospitality Consultant 

Shawn is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality and food service industry, with a strong emphasis on the Senior Living sector. As a graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Shawn has honed his passion for hospitality and unwavering commitment to excellence in service.​

Drawing from his extensive background in various esteemed establishments, including 5-star retirement communities, 5-star 5-diamond hotels and resorts, country clubs, and dining operations, Shawn brings a wealth of culinary expertise and industry knowledge to the table. He possesses a deep understanding of the unique dynamics and requirements of senior living communities.​

With a focus on elevating the dining experience and ensuring resident satisfaction, Shawn is dedicated to supporting and building senior living communities' food services programs to their fullest potential. ​

Shawn's commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the evolving nature of the Senior Living industry. He understands the transformative shift towards vibrant communities that offer various residential options, creative pursuits, educational opportunities, and personal exploration. By leveraging his expertise, Shawn aims to empower senior living communities to thrive and provide an unparalleled lifestyle for their residents.​

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. ​
Action breeds confidence and courage.” Dale Carnegie​

In the face of doubt and fear, choosing inaction only allows obstacles to persist and grow. However, by taking action, we cultivate confidence and courage within ourselves. This quote by Dale Carnegie resonates with me as a reminder that staying stagnant and hesitant can hinder personal growth and professional success. It is through action and forward motion that we not only conquer fear but also unlock our potential to become trailblazers and lead fulfilling lives.


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Meet Our Team

Greg Poletti

Operations Excellence

Vice President Operations…Greg brings over 40 years of experience to his client. Having grown up in his father’s restaurant, Greg’s early career began with various roles as he managed hotels and restaurants. With a solid found in the Hospitality Industry, he then began his career in Senior Living with the Wood Company, where the oversaw the company’s largest client representing 50 communities. Coming full circle, Greg left The Wood Company to follow in his father’s footsteps and open his own restaurant. Having achieved that personal goal, he turned his focus back to the Senior Living Industry.

Greg has continued his career with a number of respected companies and retired as Vice President Operations from Cura Hospitality in 2020.

Greg…lives in Millsboro Delaware, enjoys playing golf with his wife Diane and visiting with his children and grandchildren.

Toni Fisk

Operations & Memory Care Specialist

President of DiningOps360 and DinnerWEAR. Toni is a Certified Teepa Snow – Positive Approach to Care® Trainer, a Certified Trainer for Second Wind Dreams Virtual Dementia Tour®, a Certified Dementia Practitioner and a Montessori Dementia Care Professional and the author of Dining with Dignity. As a Certified Dietary Manager, Toni specializes in developing comprehensive foodservice operation curriculum, dining room waited service education and ServSafe® trainings for management & front-line staff.

Toni’s passion is…product development of dignity and engagement products.

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