Our Mission

At The Hollyday Group, our dedication lies in guiding our clients towards fostering a transformative hospitality culture. We help you cultivate an enriching dining experience that ensures guest expectations are not only met but surpassed with warmth, excellence, and genuine hospitality care.

Differentiate in the marketplace


Fiscal responsibility
& regulatory compliance


Partner with the industry innovators

Promoting a culture of hospitality in all food service dining establishments.

The Hollyday group has been delivering resources and creating welcoming and positive environment since 2013 as CCRC Hospitality.
From the ground up development to new venue constructions to polishing existing services, our team is here to help you establish the ultimate customer experience.

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A holistic, collaborative approach to designing a plan to help you succeed. Experience the transformation!

Operational Review & Assessment

  • Analysis of your programs from the perspective of industry benchmarks,
    both operational and fiscal.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Recognizing best practices, supporting positive changes.                                                  

Facilitate Dining Transition

  • Implementation of innovation and popular restaurant concepts.
  • Meal plan strategy.
  • Transitioning to or from an outsourced program.
  • Request for proposal administration
  • Executive search.                                                                                                                        

Support Design Process & Program Development

  • Collaborate with design professionals.
  • Conduct focus groups to determine the most appealing options
    for current and prospective clients.
  • Develop venue concept, staffing and financial models.                                                      

Culinary & Hospitality Ongoing Support

  • Menu engineering.
  • Food production efficiency.
  • Analyzing maximum spending.
  • Annual dining support & contracted dining service relationships.
  • Sous Vide implementation & technology.
  • Hands-on culinary & hospitality training.
  • Specializing in enhancing presentation of textured modified foods.                                

Turnaround Consulting

  • Comprehensive Business Analysis
  • Customized Strategy Development
  • Operational Efficiency Improvements
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Marketing and Brand Revitalization                                                                                        

1. Connect

Reach out to us through a call or email to initiate a conversation. Let's explore how we can collaborate and elevate your dining experiences.

2. Determine Needs

Partner with us to develop a hospitality culture that aligns with your goals. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and tailor solutions specifically to you.

3. Take Action

Ready to make a difference? It's time to take action. Let's implement the strategies we've crafted and witness the positive impact.

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